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Specialising in working with Mums, Parents & Women in Business



"Hi there to whoever is reading this.

My name is Denise and I competed in a Biggest Loser competition run by the Central Canterbury News.
Apart from a bit of tiredness I felt great! The regular exercise gave me a lot more energy and by following a low GI eating plan I found I lost my wicked craving for chocolate!
If you are thinking about making some positive changes in your life say to yourself "if she can do it, I can" and go for it!"


Welcome to Riley Life Parenting

Helping stay-at-home and working mums rediscover their identity, have time for their priorities and find balance in their life.

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We are passionate about the well-being of mothers (stay-at-home and working), parents and women in business. We support, motivate and inspire women throughout New Zealand, Australia and internationally - we're here to help you in-person, over the telephone and online.

Our motivational and parenting workshops and seminars, online mentoring programmes, individual and group coaching, articles and resources, and telephone and e-coaching sessions are designed to help you identify and achieve your goals, overcome any challanges and live the life you want and deserve. Register here for our services: Mums Night In; Work/Life Success Groups; "How to Keep the YOU in Mum" and "Business and Personal Growth" mentoring programmes; and one-off Strategy Sessions.

As a parenting and well-being specialist, businesswoman and mother of two, Karyn Riley supports, encourages, inspires and motivates women to rediscover their identity, have time for themselves and achieve their personal and professional goals. Karyn speaks to parenting and women's groups (formal and informal, large and small). Karyn is available for speaking at conferences, workshops and group events - book Karyn to speak to your group here.

See how Karyn has helped other mothers and how she can help you by watching the video below, and viewing her profile here.

We provide you with a confidential partnership empowering you to:

  • get your life back
  • prioritise time for you and what's important in your life
  • rediscover your identity
  • regain your confidence and self-esteem
  • increase your energy and motivation
  • turn your hopes, dreams and aspirations into reality
  • identify your vision, values and goals
  • prioritise self-care without feeling guilty
  • stop procrastinating and start doing
  • improve your relationships
  • gain the life balance you desire
  • free yourself from the challenges and frustrations of parenting
  • simplify your life
  • achieve your personal and professional goals
  • be a healthy parent and role model - physically, mentally & emotionally
  • celebrate who you are

Contact Karyn today to find out how to have time for you and everything else too, rediscover who YOU are, identify and achieve your goals, and register for our "How to Keep the YOU in Mum" online mentoring programmes - perfect for busy mums. Available in the comfort and privacy of your own home, at a time and pace that suits you, saving you time, energy and money, without the need to rush around getting ready, leave home, or arrange childcare or transport.

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